2024 State Finals Rodeo


JH State Finals Check In Requirements

RELEASE FORM - each contestant will need to provide a notarized 2024 state finals release form!
GRADES - each contestant will also need to provide a final report card. If your contestant is not yet finished with school or their final grades have not yet been published, a progress report will be accepted. REPORT CARDS/PROGRESS REPORTS MUST BE SIGNED BY A SCHOOL OFFICIAL AND BE AFFIXED WITH THE SCHOOL SEAL!
State Finals Release Form 2024 (1).pdf State Finals Release Form 2024 (1).pdf
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The light rifle competition will be held at the Oregon Trail Shooting Range, located at 9999 W 2 ½ Mile Road in Pocatello. This is approximately 6.5 miles from the fairgrounds and will take approximately 15 minutes to get there from the fairgrounds. Contestants MUST be checked in and have received their back number before they will be allowed to compete. Flight times:

  • 1st Flight – 9:00AM
  • 2nd Flight – 10:30AM

Contestants need to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE their flight time for check-ins.

The gate code to get into the shooting range will be: 99232#



2024 JH State Finals Rodeo Hosted By:

Bannock County Events Center and Rodeo Grounds